Freddie Peacock


Mulberry England Campaign by Lottie Wheeler featuring Freddie's character, 'Ouch'.


Acrylic on Canvas, (100cm x 150cm).

Madeline Argy, 2024.

'Who is Virgil?'

Acrylic on London Bus panel, (460mm x 615mm).

Created in partnership with non profit organisation, '4BYSIX', this piece, alongside a limited edition run of 'work tracksuits' worn throughout the painting process were auctioned and exhibited in to raise money for Virgil's, 'Post-Modern Scholarship Fund'.

'Who is Virgil?' - The Breakdown.

A deconstruction of the piece, which details references to the life and work of the late design icon, hidden throughout the piece.


Acrylic on board, (475mm x 674mm).

Released on 06/01/22, this piece featured in the '23' album art booklet.

'Who is Sainte?'

Acrylic on canvas, (475mm x 674mm).

This piece was released in collaboration with music artist, 'Sainte', on 30/07/22, alongside a limited edition clothing capsule, and was exhibited at 'Forever Good', London.

'Who is Sainte?' Limited edition hand painted work shirt. Each shirt was worn and painted on at different stages of the painting process.

'Who is Sainte?', 'Rager tee'. Hand painted with watercolour.

'Who is Unknown T?'

Acrylic on canvas. This piece was released on 30/04/22 and draws reference to the life and work of rap artist , Unknown T through hidden and personal detailing throughout the piece.

'Who is MSM?'

Acrylic on board, (475mm x 674mm). This piece was released on, 05/12/21, and draws reference to the life and work of prestigous music engineer, MSM.

'Evil eye backpack' [sample]

A painted natural leather exterior, quilted interior with stuffed cross-body shoulder straps and storage compartments. Released 2022.

'The Safari Pack'

Released on 03/07/22.