Freddie Peacock

Design Lab

Developing jewellery for your feet.

Re-love your pre-loved sneakers and other lace-up footwear.

The Backstory...

Upon research into how the vehicles we use to travel on the roads can be modified through the addition of aesthetic or performance enhancing components, I decided to engage in similar research for the vehicles we use on a much more frequent basis, and yet are often forgotten...our feet.

Adorning our footwear...

Combining ideas of vehicle modifications with how else we adorn our bodies, I decided to begin sampling by dressing a model of the Porsche 911 with jewellery upon a shoelace pattern, before vacuum forming them with a variety of thermoplastics.

Sample 01/02:
Sample 01, 0.5mm transparent PETG allows for greater detail of jewellery to be shown and greater flexibility for improved wearability
Sample 02, 1mm acrylic provides a sturdier outcome despite its lack of detail.

Design development...

Removal of one vehicle, enhancement of the other. Directly dressing a shoe with jewellery, re-innovating its design and extending its product life.


Sample 03: transparent PETG.
Experimenting with finish:
Championing the Nike AF1...
Utilising a key design feature of this universally renowned sneaker. The metal AF1 tag at the bottom of the laces acts functionally to hold the piece to the sneaker, as well as aesthetically being treated like a pendant for the chain that hangs above it.
Wearability test:
Flexibility of fine plastic allows seemless movement whilst in motion. Due to the removal of material towards the bottom of the design, the shoe is able to flex/compress effectively whilst walking.
Colouration + application of varnish to the inside of the transparent shell ensures no chipping/cracking of the paintwork and washability.
Experimentation with other sneaker silhouettes: Nike Airmax 95